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ABC's of Health, Inc. is a South Carolina Corporation located in Mauldin, South Carolina, just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville.  We are in the alternative health natural healthcare concepts education business and we do business as (dba) ABC of Health

Our founder and president, Lonnie E. Willoughby, Jr., (Lon), has been learning about and seriously studying alternative and complementary natural healthcare concepts and protocols for many years.

He casually began this alternative health natural healthcare education process in 1970, when he was 34 years old.  He became so interested in this very important and fascinating healthcare study that he continued this study as much as possible over the years up to the present time.  (46+ years)

Lon understands that the human body is amazingly complex, and it is usually capable of providing many protective functions that can be activated automatically (without a person's direct control or conscious awareness).  These incredibly important protective actions help the entire body maintain as much "normal health" as the body can provide by itself under existing conditions. 

The body's protective mechanisms attempt to achieve these important protective objectives under normal lifestyle conditions, and these mechanisms also attempt to maintain "normal health" under the adverse conditions that occur frequently for many American citizens. 

Lon has learned that typical American citizens do a lot of things that are quite harmful to the body on a frequent recurring basis, but the body mechanisms are always striving to "do the best that they can" under all circumstances to maintains as much "normal health" as the body can provide within any given set of lifestyle circumstances

The body is very smart in these protective mechanism actions, and Lon has learned how to help the body functions a great amount by know how to stop doing a number of things that typically interfere with the body's normal potential to maintain good health. 

Lon has learned how to stop numerous harmful actions and practicesHe has also learned how to take additional natural healthcare actions that can help the body substantially.  Lon also learned how to use selected nutritional supplements that can help the body's normal healthcare mechanisms and functions perform their usual healthcare maintenance actions. 

He also learned how to combine these very important helpful actions in ways that enable the body to optimize human healthcare. 

Over the years, Lon spent thousands of hours learning how to accomplish all of these remarkable beneficial feats in healthcare functions.  In that learning process, he also learned how to slow down  the usual human aging process that people are routinely afflicted with on a daily basis.

For his own personal healthcare benefits and for healthcare benefits for his wife and two children, Lon spent thousands of hours learning how to understand and better utilize very complex body healthcare mechanisms in various circumstances to provide even better healthcare results.  He has learned numerous things that can help the body maintain optimized health, beyond what the body can do for itself.  WOW!  This is incredibly important natural healthcare concepts information.

Lon Willoughby realizes that he has learned a lot of very important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts (advanced healthcare maintenance and improvement concepts without resorting to using the potentially dangerous prescription drugs that many Americans are taking)

Although he was born a long time ago (June 5, 1936), he is still enjoying good health because he has learned how to take natural healthcare actions that help him maintain his good health (now 81 years old).   His physical exam executive profile test data look like those of a much younger man.

Lon has chosen to be a leader in the alternative health natural healthcare concepts education business because he wants to share some of his incredibly important and valuable alternative health natural healthcare concepts knowledge with other patriotic-minded American citizens.   

He has established a lifetime goal of helping a lot of patriotic-minded American citizens learn how to improve their lifestyle substantially in important ways that can be incredibly valuable throughout the remainder of their lifetime.  He understands what natural healthcare actions they need to take if the want to enjoy very good health in their "golden years" - as Lon is enjoying doing at age 81. 

Have You Already Visited Our Introductory Education Website?

The information presented at this Website presumes that visitors who are here for the first time will have already visited our Introductory Natural Healthcare Education Website at

If that is not the case for you, it is important that you select the convenient Website link above and detour over to that Website before reviewing the natural healthcare concepts  presented at this Website. 

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In order to be more effective at spending our time wisely in helping only patriotic-minded American citizens, our company has developed a Client Qualification System that will enable us to evaluate each potential client leasing applicant by very reasonable high security standards. 

American citizens who can meet our "client qualification standards" can become one of our "qualified education clients" and then be authorized to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  (See the Health Education Programs department information at the special Website shown below).

You can also review our Client Qualifications department at that Website - which was developed to provide important helpful information about our remarkable natural healthcare education programs

This Website presumes that you have previously visited that Website and reviewed that information.  If you have not, this is a good time to detour over to that Website and read the information provided on the landing page (Contact ABC department).  Be sure to also review our Client Qualifications department, understanding that you can use the link above to make that detour at this time.

Our "qualified education clients" (qualified clients) will be able to learn how to enjoy having more energy and vitality each day.  They can also learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and enjoy better performance at work and at home using better human relationship skills. 

Our "qualified clients" can learn how to increase their enjoyment of life on a day to day basis while they are simultaneously improving their overall health for long-term benefits.  These remarkable healthcare improvements can help our "qualified clients" live a longer life - with less pain and suffering than they would have likely had without our special natural healthcare concepts education. 

All of that and more is possible for "qualified clients" who lease and study one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs (being developed for initial distribution in the upstate area of South Carolina to qualified clients with a permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ ).

Our personnel work with a broad range of practical natural healthcare improvement issues so we can help educate our "qualified clients" about important natural healthcare aspects of their body.  We also encourage and help motivate family members to work together as a team effort to help develop healthier lifestyles for each generation of the family members, the older folks, the younger adults, the teenagers. 

Smart educated parents and their older children can all work together to help develop a healthier lifestyle for the younger children in the family. 




Our Natural Healthcare Education Objectives

We strive to help visitors to our Websites (including our "qualified education clients")  understand why it is so important to focus attention on learning how to become healthier (can provide great healthcare benefit to all family members).  The  family picture above illustrates that adult family members routinely have valuable opportunities to help each other learn about very important healthcare concepts.  However, we realize that adults and older teenagers really do need some advanced natural healthcare concepts education to help them get on the fast track to a much better and healthier lifestyle.  This education process is where we can provide great benefits for important improvements in family healthcare objectives.   

The beautiful family picture above clearly illustrates a major error in vital natural healthcare nutrition concepts that is commonly made by many Americans on a routine basis.  Looking at the table, can you identify the major healthcare concepts error that these parents are making for all four members of the family? 

The healthcare concepts mistake that is being made by these parents for the four family members is a serious error, and the two parents are effectively teaching their two children this erroneous healthcare concept. without even realizing what they are doing is wrong.  (teaching a harmful healthcare concept)

That erroneous healthcare concepts lesson will likely be taught to the two children again and again and again at numerous family meal times in the future.  Consequently, as the two children grow up, they will very likely continue making this same serious healthcare concept mistake thousands of times, all the while thinking and believing that they are doing the right thing in the right way, when in fact, they will actually be causing substantial harm to their body's digestive processes thousands of times throughout their lifetime. 

Unfortunately, this same healthcare concepts mistake is being made by millions of American families routinely, day after day, month after month, and year after year.  Many adults routinely make this easy and simple mistake throughout America on a frequent basis, and parents routinely make this mistake with their children again and again.  Due to the parent's deficient healthcare concepts knowledge, they do not realize they are doing something that can be quite harmful to the long-term health of all family members. 

Those improper lifestyle actions repeatedly reinforce their belief and understanding about this improper healthcare concept, and their continuing repetition of those improper actions will strengthen their belief that they are doing the right thing, in the right way, when in fact is is wrong.  At some point in their life, the adults in the family picture above likely became convinced that their mealtime action in this particular regard are good and proper. (although they are clearly wrong in this very common mealtime practice)

Unfortunately, their continuing actions in this regard, and the similar actions of millions of parents in America,  repeatedly teach the children involved this serious lifestyle error, and those children will likely adopt this erroneous lifestyle factor into their own adult lifestyle.  (so the error is now carried forward with their lifestyle)

This situation illustrates how improper lifestyle factors are easily handed down from one generation to the next generation, and to the next generation.  Those lifestyle healthcare errors then become a routine part of their future adult lifestyle.  They will probably repeat these same serious lifestyle errors for their children.

We use this very common unhealthy healthcare concept at meal time situations to illustrate how important it is for parents to learn how to do things correctly regarding important healthy lifestyle concepts

It is obvious that these important healthy lifestyle lessons should be learned as early as possible in each life.  That can enable parents to understand how they can avoid teaching their children serious healthcare concepts mistakes (serious lifestyle errors) that the parents probably learned from their parents. 

Our remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can help our "qualified clients" understand how to make very important improvements in their lifestyle for a number of important healthy lifestyle issues This new knowledge will enable them to understand how they can help achieve, and then enjoy, better cellular health in every part of their body - their brain, their cardiovascular system, their blood system, their lymph system, and all other vital organs, including many trillions of other body tissue cells.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do not specifically explain at this Website the serious healthcare concepts error that shows up in the family picture above.  Why not?  Because most people would not believe what we would say, and they would likely want to argue with any brief explanation that we would provide. They have not been educated enough about the natural healthy lifestyle concepts involved to understand this issue.

It is unfortunate, but they simply would not have enough relevant natural healthcare concepts knowledge to accept the correctness of what we would say in a brief statement identifying this erroneous healthcare concept. This lack of understanding of this healthy lifestyle issue will also likely be applicable to most medical doctors, most medical nurses, most dietitians and most other nutrition consultants. 

A similar situation will also likely apply to most other healthcare workers and providers - chiropractors, dentist, eye doctors, foot doctors, massage therapist, etc.

Those situations are true because specialized healthcare concepts knowledge is required to understand the very important enzyme concepts that are critically involved with the very important healthcare concepts lifestyle issue that we have used to illustrate the important situations described above.  

However, all "qualified clients" who complete Level One of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts
Home-study Education Program will easily understand the very important enzyme issues that are involved with the unhealthy lifestyle concept that is shown clearly in the beautiful family picture. 

That statement is your relevant clue to identifying the unhealthy lifestyle concept issue that is discussed above.  Do you have sufficient advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge to identify the unhealthy lifestyle action that is shown clearly in the picture above of this beautiful family?

Healthy Body With A Strong Immune System

As you probably know, a healthy body with a strong immune system is much better equipped to fight off sickness and disease conditions quickly, compared to a less healthy body with a weaker immune system.  The healthier person has a much better potential for avoiding healthcare situations that can develop into serious health problems. 

Unfortunately, some of the healthcare problems that millions of Americans suffer with from time to time can actually have long-term harmful affects for the less healthy person, and some of those health complications and problems may in fact cause health problems that will last for their lifetime.  Consequently, it is clear that it makes a lot of sense to responsibly strive to learn how to develop a healthier lifestyle for all family members (adults, teenagers, and younger children).  This is where we enter into the family lifestyle picture. 

Yes, our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can help our "qualified clients" learn how to be healthier and begin to enjoy having more energy and vitality.  In order to accomplish this situation, it is very important for them to learn how to have much better digestion of foods within the stomach, and also have better digestion of food particles in the small intestines, and have better large bowel functions, and have better elimination of waste food residue from the colon on a daily basis. 

Do you understand the general principles involved with bowel transient time?  It is very important to understand that food residue can do a lot of harm to the body cells if it remains in the colon (lower bowel) too long.  If food residue particles remain in the intestinal system too long, those particles can begin to putrefy and then rot, and those actions can create toxic byproducts

Some of those toxic byproducts will likely migrate across the intestinal wall area and get into the blood system, just like good nutrients get into the blood system, and then flow through the portal vein into the right lobe of the liver (like good nutrients do). 

Toxic byproducts can then be distributed throughout the blood system and literally poison the entire body, including the brain, the eyes, the heart, the liver, and all other vital organs and other body tissue cells throughout the body (trillions of body cells can be damaged quickly through this blood system distribution process).  Consequently, it is clear that it would be a big advantage for a person to learn how to minimize these harmful digestive events, which can be taking place as a daily occurrence.

Our education clients also learn how they can reduce frustration, nervousness, or occasional or chronic anxiety or depression.  Avoiding those harmful conditions can be of great benefit toward a healthy and longer life.

Our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program can also help people achieve their weight management goals and also help with many other healthcare related issues.

We can educate our clients about enlightened self-interest concepts that can help them reach their specific healthcare goals, in most healthcare improvement projects.

Our skilled alternative health natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby) can help our consultation clients understand healthcare problem areas and help them develop practical and sensible protocols that will help them cope more effectively with many healthcare issues using some of our advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Each person is somewhat different, and our customized consultation approach can be tailored to individual needs.  Our telephone type consultation sessions enable us to help each consultation client develop achievable natural healthcare goals that are convenient and reasonable for their personal lifestyle factors.

At ABC of Health, we help good patriotic-minded American citizens understand advanced natural healthcare concepts that can be life-changing for everyone and can be life-saving for many people.

Our skilled natural healthcare consultant is dedicated and committed to helping our qualified clients learn how to make important improvements in their lifestyle that can really improve their ability to be healthy long-term while they are enjoying more energy, more vitality, with more brain power and more emotional control.

These improvements can really affect the way a person performs at work and at home - helping make life more enjoyable every day, for themselves, and for the people associated with them.

You can contact us in Mauldin, SC, today by Email, Fax, or by telephone to obtain more information about how we are helping people become healthier and happier each daySee our Contact ABC department for more information about contacting ABC of Health.

You can call our office at 864-329-0004 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Monday through Friday.  We prefer to communicate via Email for a number of reasons, but we can also talk briefly with potential clients by telephone if they prefer to talk to our personnel. 

We can help people gain an overview understanding of how our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Educational Program can enable our clients to enjoy better health on a daily basis for the years ahead of them.

Answering phone calls information:  We have a professional voice-mail service that takes phone calls at times when we cannot answer a phone call.  In that event, people can leave us a message, whenever it is convenient for them to call our offices, during office hours or outside our office hours.

If you leave us a voice mail message, please let us know the best time periods for us to call you, and please clearly repeat your phone number twice (if you want us to call you back).  Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.

Send us an Email, or if you prefer, give us a quick phone call and check us out. We enjoy helping people learn about our remarkable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education ProgramOur education programs will present major breakthroughs in advanced natural healthcare concepts. 

We know how to help clients improve their lifestyle substantially and thereby improve their healthcare maintenance and protective actions so they can live better with less pain and suffering in the years ahead.  (Will likely reduce or minimize most health problem conditions that are common in the USA.

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program will educate our "qualified clients"  about how they can live a more productive and successful life and also improve greatly their potential to live a longer life with more happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in their life

Important Note:  When you review the various department links at this Website (provided at the top and bottom of each department), you will find that most departments have restricted access that requires a user login code and a password code to enter the department. 

This Website was developed to provide special departments of information for our "qualified education clients" at the appropriate time during their study of our home-study type healthcare concepts education program.  We have other Websites that provide similar functions for other natural healthcare concepts education subjects for our "qualified education clients." 

However, we also designed this Website to introduce visitors to the important idea that we use multiple Websites to help us educate our "qualified clients" about various natural healthcare concepts subjects (as illustrated by the links for the various departments of this Website).  


Our office hours for phone calls are: 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

We do not provide any walk-in type healthcare services - we do provide the following services:

1. We offer multiple Internet Natural Healthcare Concepts Educational Websites

2.  We can provide natural healthcare consultation services by telephone;

3.  We can conduct introductory natural healthcare classes for businesses, clubs, etc;

4.  We are developing home-study type natural healthcare concepts education programs.


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